We get this question all of the time, so we felt it best to provide a quick summary of what we believe to be our core benefits...

What makes Brixly different?

As a company, innovation has been at the forefront of our growth strategy since the date of inception. Our focus has, and always will be to ensure we offer a platform exclusively built for resellers which is absolutely unique from those many providers available today. Reseller hosting isn’t difficult to come by - its a rapidly growing industry and has been spanning the last few years, so it's absolutely essential we offer something unique.

This is why our in-house innovation experts have developed solutions similar to the following...

True-24/7 Support

We are one of the few providers who offer 'true' round-the-clock support, with extended senior engineer coverage from 9am until 10pm daily. Our front-line support team are available to assist 24/7/365 (yes, including Christmas and Bank Holidays!).

You can read more about our support coverage here...


Migration Center by Brixly

Traditionally the process of migrating clients from their old hosting provider has been a daunting, time-consuming task sometimes only possible with expert assistance. The fact though, is that over 98.3% of businesses both small and large will have an existing web presence or email addresses which is absolutely critical to their day-to-day operations.

We have built a solution, allowing you to migrate not only individual hosting accounts over from other providers, but entire reseller accounts without any data-loss, or the need to change passwords and login credentials.

Best of all, the process takes just a few minutes and can be done using our incredibly powerful ‘Migration Center’, accessible from our client area using the ‘Migrations’ link.

We have a separate article on how to use the Migration Center here…


Better Email Deliverability with MailChannels

MailChannels Outbound Filtering is an SMTP relay service that identifies spammers within our network to improve your email reputation and ensure reliable email delivery for your clients.

With MailChannels Outbound Filtering, we can eliminate email delivery problems caused by IP address blacklisting through both the filtering and the external IP relay.

This is a solution that is included automatically for each and every client you host with us, completely free of charge.

To give some idea of the cost savings we pass on to you as a reseller - if an account was to send 40 emails an hour for 24 hours a day spanning a month, MailChannels would cost $69.99 per month. Instead, this is completely free for all of your accounts regardless of how many emails they send. No more blacklist issues, without the expense of a dedicated IP address.

Litespeed Enterprise with LSCache

All of our shared and reseller hosting plans come with the outstanding 'Litespeed Enterprise' web server, which is a high-performance Apache alternative.

Combined with LSCache for WordPress and many other applications, Litespeed offers unparalleled performance for your websites.

Resource Boost

Our reseller hosting comes with imposed limitations on specific resources, such as RAM and CPU. The purpose of these restrictions is to ensure the servers your sites are hosted on remain stable, without an opportunity of a single site consuming all resources of a physical machine either through heavy usage, or malicious traffic or attacks.

According to our statistics, less than 3% of the sites hosted within our network actually hit the imposed limits, given our limitations on those limits are higher than the 'industry level’ or defaults. However, we do understand that in certain cases, a site may grow - that's the hope of course! Traditionally, this would require the site to be moved to an alternative platform with larger resources.

The solution to this problem, however, is the ‘Resource Boost’ facility - this option allows you to increase the resources of any given account under your reseller account for a fixed monthly fee.

There are no minimum terms for the Resource Boost either, so if a site is expected to have an increase in traffic for a short period of time then this serves as the ideal solution to improve the concurrent traffic handling for a particular domain or account.

Upsell Opportunities via Reseller Elite Module

Since our inception, our focus has been to provide an incomparable platform specifically tailored for the reseller market. In doing so, we have moulded an outstanding platform providing you with the ability to expand your reseller business beyond the capabilities of standard ‘reseller hosting’.

Traditionally, selling VPS servers, Reseller Hosting accounts or Dedicated Servers wasn’t possible without a significant amount of hardware, resource and expertise to back it. Now, this has changed with the introduction of our ‘Reseller Elite’ module, included with each and every reseller account here at Brixly.

The Brixly Elite module is a WHMCS module that allows you to sell the following products…

  • VPS / Cloud Servers
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Elastic Cloud
  • Premium Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting

As time moves forward, we will introduce a number of additional services and features to the same module.

Domain Reseller Platform

We have our own domain reseller module which allows you to sell over 800 domain extensions to your clients seamlessly through WHMCS.


When a website or application feels like its 'slow performing', the common assumption is that its a 'server issue', whereas in many cases the bottleneck in terms of performance can be within the application/script itself.

When a website does slow down, there can be issues within the code that traditionally have been difficult to diagnose. We are now proud to announce that we offer 'PHP X-Ray' to allow you to generate reports for your sites giving you a deep insight into performance-related issues.

PHP X-Ray, included with all of our Shared / Reseller and Premium Hosting plans, provides detailed information on performance bottlenecks within your PHP applications or WordPress installations. If a site has sluggish plugins, database queries, functions, or external calls, the X-Ray tool helps pinpoint the underlying problem.


Bolt-Cache by Brixly (applicable to our Premium Hosting)

Bolt-Cache is a plugin for cPanel, built by the developers at Brixly designed to drastically improve site loading speeds for WordPress (and many other) applications/sites.

Brixly uses a unique ‘stack’ for web hosting – by default, it's incredibly fast, but can be further tuned to enhance performance. Bolt-Cache makes that process incredibly simple, with a 3 click interface giving you access to some of the worlds fastest caching technologies.

The results speak for themselves…

For more information on Bolt-Cache, as well as how to enable Bolt-Cache for your sites see the guide below...


Bolt-Cache and Bolt-Cache Advanced can be found within cPanel directly and is included free of charge for all Premium accounts.

Award-Winning Platform

We are proud to confirm that we have been announced 'Best Independent Hosting Brand of 2020 and 2021.

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