Bolt-Cache and CloudNS won't be enabled by default, so if you haven't intentionally gone to make those changes, its fair to assume that the options are disabled.

If you want to check if they have been enabled, then you can do so by going to the Bolt-Cache option in cPanel, then select the domain you wish to check from the list provided. From here, you will be presented with the following...

The default template you will see here, is 'Proxy to httpd (with Brute Force Protection)'

Note: The 'Proxy to' part of the message states that the website is using Apache, whereas any other iterations of the template would be NGINX based.

If this instead says something like 'Full Page Caching with Redis', or 'NGINX' then you will be using native NGINX with PHP-FPM

You can disable the caching option using the following option if required...

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