As part of our VPS and Dedicated products, we may include ‘management’, which is available in the following tiers…


No assistant in software/server management included. We will only provide a guarantee against the network uptime.

Managed - £14.95/m

Our management offering is ideal for those who are able to handle the day to day operations of your server but would require occasional assistance. Our managed VPS option may be included as standard with your VPS purchase, but support / assistance will be limited to 1 hour monthly. Additional management hours can be purchased or may be billed at the standard rate of £75+VAT per hour. The support team under a basic management plan will not access a server and will provide only documentation or references to assist in terms of diagnosing any potentials issues within the server.

Fully Managed / Monitored - £29.95/m

Our highest level of management allows us to provide full server administration with up to 3 hours of technical assistance/consultation monthly. We will also monitor your server pro-actively, via our internal monitoring suite. Tasks will be carried out on request – urgent upgrades /patches will be carried out automatically.


Monitoring levels will vary according to the scale of a project – Brixly reserves the right to increase/decrease management costs in order to provide a bespoke support offering.

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