Managing DNS Zones

Synchronize a zone:

You generally want to synchronize a zone if changes were made and you want to push it out to your nameserver cluster.

This is essentially the same as going into WHM > Synchronize DNS Records:


Running this command by itself will give you a list of options for synchronizing, just as you get in WHM:

syncall : sync all zones with all cluster servers. This will find the zone with the largest serial and copy it to all nameservers in the cluster

syncalllocal : Finds the zone in the cluster with the highest serial number and copies it to the local server only (instead of to all servers in the cluster) – /scripts/dnscluster syncalllocal –full

synczone : Syncs one zone to all servers in the cluster, using the zone with the highest serial number throughout the cluster

synczonelocal – Syncs one zone locally, using the zone with the highest serial number throughout the cluster

So for instance, if you have a zone for on your hosting server and you want to synchronize it to all the nameservers in your cluster, you’d run:

/scripts/dnscluster synczone

Edit a DNS Zone:

To edit a zone, open /var/named/ in a text editor and make your changes. Remember to increment the serial number up by one, so that the correct zone it sync’ed to the nameserver cluster. The serial looks like this:

; cPanel 11.24.4-STABLE_36281 ; Zone file for $TTL 14400 @ 86400    IN SOA

Then use /scripts/dnscluster to copy the zone up to your nameserver cluster. (see above examples)

Removing a DNS zone:


Adding a DNS zone:

/scripts/adddns –domain

You can also use the –ip and –reseller flags to indicate what IP and nameservers to use. For usage, just run /scripts/adddns and the help will display.

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