Q. How could I set the Inherited option for all new accounts/websites by default?

A. You won’t have to; cPanel already sets the Inherited by default for all newly created accounts. You can find more information about the way PHP Inheritance works on this page.

Q. How could I set the Inherited option for all new accounts/websites when I transfer them from one server to another?

A. If after transferring users, they do not have Inherited version set in MultiPHP Manager, you can run this script to switch ALL domains on the server to Inherited version:

# for i in $(cut -d: -f1 /etc/userdatadomains );do whmapi1 php_set_vhost_versions version=inherit vhost-0=$i;done

Attention! Be very careful with that script because it will change PHP versions for ALL domains on your server to inherited. If you are not sure that you want exactly this, use WHM interface and manually select the domains you wish to switch PHP version for.

Q. What setup do you recommend for CL PHP Selector?

A. The recommended setup is the one described in this section of the document. Additionally, if you are using Apache web server, we recommend using mod_lsapi as PHP Handler. Install it using this guide. Enable it in WHM » MultiPHP Manager » Handers.

Also, if you configured PHP Selector, we recommend to disable MultiPHP Manager for users. You can do that in Home » Packages » Feature Manager » Feature Lists » Manage feature list » select Default and uncheck the box for MultiPHP INI Editor and MultiPHP Manager. This will stop your customers from seeing MultiPHP Manager/Editor which can be very confusing.

Q. Can I disable alt-phpXX versions from MultiPHP Manager’s dropdown list?

A. You can do so by editing the /opt/alt/alt-php-config/alt-php.cfg file.

Once you edit it, run the /opt/alt/alt-php-config/multiphp_reconfigure.py script; it manages SCL prefixes for the Alt-PHP in /etc/scl/prefixes.

In this example, we keep the alt-php72 visible in the list only:

[MultiPHP Manager] alt-php44 = no alt-php51 = no alt-php52 = no alt-php53 = no alt-php54 = no alt-php55 = no alt-php56 = no alt-php70 = no alt-php71 = no alt-php72 = yes

Q. I don’t want to use the PHP Selector, but I’d like to select the alt-phpXX version for one account/website. Can I do that?

A. Sure. You’ll need to choose the alt-phpXX in the MultiPHP Manager » PHP Version here:

Q. I followed the guide, but the PHP version is still not fetched for my website from PHP Selector. What did I miss?

A. Make sure to check our Compatibility Matrix. It contains additional information on components that are incompatible with PHP Selector. You may need to remove mod_ruid2

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