As a Brixly Reseller Pro customer, you are able to sell domain names through our automated API / module for WHMCS. This guide will step you through the process.


WHMCS will need to be installed / configured ready for the domain reseller module to be installed
Domain name purchased come from your credit balance, so please ensure you have sufficient funds available in your Brixly account (Billing -> Add Funds)
You will need to add a ‘Default Payment Method’ to your account. This can be done by clicking the ‘Hello, Your Name!’ in the top right hand corner of our client area, then going to ‘Edit Account Details’. On this screen, select a default payment method (please note, this will not necessarily be the payment method for your domains, it is just a technical requirement for the module to work).

Download and Install the WHMCS Module

The Brixly Domain Reseller module can be downloaded here…


Once you have downloaded the module, you will need to upload this to your WHMCS directory. The file will download as a ‘zip’ file – within the zip you will find a ‘modules’ directory. This directory can be placed directly in the root of your WHMCS installation.

Enable the Domain Registrar Module in WHMCS

Once you have installed the module, you will be able to…

Navigate to Setup -> Products / Services -> Domain Registrars
Click ‘Activate’ next to the BrixlyDomainReseller module

You will be prompted to enter your ‘User Email’ (the email address you use to login to our client area) and an API Key (explained below)

Obtaining your API Key

To get the API key for use in the setup screen above, you can go to ‘Domains -> Reseller Registrar Credentials’ from within our client area. Once you are on that screen, your API key will be * out – simply click ‘Show’ to display the API key in your browser. Copy and paste the API key into the setup screens for the domain reseller module.

Configuring your WHMCS for selling domains

That is the integration complete. You would now need to configure WHMCS to define your ‘Domain Pricing’. A video and the full documentation of this process can be found below… https://docs.whmcs.com/Domain_Pricing

Template Modification

Your also have to add this code:

$filename = ROOTDIR.DS.'modules'.DS.'registrars'.DS.'BrixlyDomainReseller'.DS.'BrixlyDomainReseller.php';
require_once ($filename);
$fields = BrixlyDomainReseller_GetDomainFields();
$additionaldomainfields = $fields;

At the end of ‘additionaldomainfields.php’ file located at ‘includes/additionaldomainfields.php’. Or in: ‘dist.additionalfields.php’ file located at ‘resources/domains/dist.additionalfields.php’.

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