MailChannels is our SMTP relay, which relays all outbound messages through an external SPAM filter. In the cases where a message is rejected / bounced, you would receive a bounce message back to the sender mailbox.

MailChannels Insights is an intuitive search interface that helps end-users find problematic email deliveries, providing a reason why messages were blocked or failed to deliver. It provides a level of understanding not available with other SMTP relay services.

Available at no additional cost to Brixly customers, MailChannels Insights empowers end-users to fix their own email delivery problems, reducing support tickets for your support staff.

- Investigate any deliverability issues on your sending domains.
- Find out why your email was not delivered.
- ResponseAnalytics™ technology reports what receivers think of your customer’s email.

How to Use MailChannels Insights

MailChannels insights can be enabled when you receive a bounce message via the MailChannels service.

For example, you may receive a message similar to the following...

550 5.7.1 [CS] Message blocked. If this is a false positive, please report this to your hosting service provider.

Within those bounce messages will be a link directly to MailChannels, which allows you to report this as a 'false positive'. This can be done from your end, which allows you to self-diagnose and resolve issues with messages incorrectly being reported as SPAM.

When you click the link in the bounce message, you will see something similar to the following...

By clicking 'Not SPAM', you are reporting the message directly to MailChannels for their review. If they detect this as a false positive (it's not SPAM, and was detected incorrectly), they will also lift the block or provide you with a reason by email (to the sender address) as to why the message was blocked.

Clicking 'Get MailChannels Insights' will sign the sender email address up for the Insights service. Once enrolled, the sender email address will receive a notification to their mailbox inviting them to confirm enrolment in MailChannels Insights.

How to Read the Insights Log Search Page

The Insights Log Search page provides a personalized view of the user's delivery logs. Users can dig into all of their message delivery logs to find out when messages were delivered or why they weren't delivered. They can search for specific messages to narrow down deliverability issues.

My messages are not being delivered!

With any outbound SMTP relay, there is the possibility that your genuine messages could get flagged as SPAM. If you have enabled insights, and need further clarification on any particular message you are able to reach out to MailChannels directly by email...

[email protected]

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